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Alexandra Bogdan

Aleksandra Bogdan is a Ph.D. student and researcher at Ghent University in Belgium under the supervision of Professor Erik Meers. Her Ph.D. thesis focuses on “Quality assessment (with an emphasis on P availability) of phosphorus fertilizers recovered from municipal wastewater” under the framework of Interreg NWE Phos4You project, as well as partial involvement in Nutry2Cycle and Renu2Farm. In her education she intends to close a loop as in circular economy starting from food sector (holding a diploma in Biochemistry and Biotechnology), going over wastewater treatment (MSc. in Environmental Technology and Engineering), and finally agronomical aspects of secondary fertilizers (on-going Ph.D. studies). Her interest in P recovery and secondary P fertilizers has started with a scientific assignment on struvites during her Master studies and continued with the engagement into P-Rex project with the focus on P recovery scenarios for the Czech Republic while she worked as a Researcher and Project Manager in the R&D of the wastewater treatment company ASIO spol.s.r.o., Brno, Czech Republic, which led her up to the current position.


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