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A learning journey on nutrient recycling


Recently an initiative for a learning journey on nutrient cycling started in the Netherlands, organised by the Dutch centre for manure valorisation (NCM), ZLTO (Dutch farmer organisation), Topsector Agri & Food and the National Contact Point (NCP) of the Rural development agency. The aim of this learning journey is to bring together the knowledge and people who are working on a wide range of projects related to nutrient cycling. The initiative started with a series of webinars and aims to setup active communities where researchers, practitioners, policy makers and other stakeholders actively exchange knowledge and experience from the different projects. Three main themes have been defined:

  1. manure valorisation
  2. closing nutrient cycles at regional scale
  3. use of organic waste streams to improve soil fertility

An overview of running projects on these themes was made, which have been described in an almanac. This first screening already identified 52 projects, ranging from EU projects such as Nutri2Cycle and Nutriman, to Public Private Partnership projects and Operational Groups, where farmers, advisors, insustry and science collaborate. The almanac (in Dutch) can be downloaded here: https://edepot.wur.nl/542773. The Nutri2Cycle/Nutroman project and the Dutch partners NCM, ZLTO, NCP and WUR are actively participating in this learning journey. For further information you can contact: Peter Paree (ZLTO): peter.paree@zlto.nl

Read more about this journey here.

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