1. Farm-scale anaerobic digestion of agro-residues/pig manure to increase
  2. Adapted stable construction for separated collection of solid manure and urine in pig housing (followed by separate post-processing)
  3. Crop farmer using a variety of manure and dairy processing residues to recycle and build soil C, N, P fertility
  4. Using digestate, precision agriculture and no-tillage focusing on OM stocking in an area characterized by the lack of it
  5. Comparison of different precision technologies used in plant cropping system, having in focus the sensor technologies
  6. Trial potato growing with refined pig manure fractions
  7. Field trial on maize (2019), spinach (2020) and potatoes (2021) with recycling-derived fertilizers: ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulphate, (liquid fraction of) digestate, pig urine and pig slurry
  8. The substitution of the mineral fertilizers with the biological fertilizers to optimize the organic carbon storage in soil and the NP cycling : two application cases in France
  9. Ammonia recovery from raw pig slurry in a vacuum evaporation field plant
  10. ABC Animal Bone Char for Phosphorus recovery: Formulated Bio-Phosphate trials for two comparative plants, elder and wheat
  11. Pig manure refinery into mineral fertilizers by using a combination of techniques applicable at industrial pig farms
  12. Use of poultry compost and pig slurry to replace mineral fertilizers as basal fertilization in maize crop
  13. Floating wetland plants grown on liquid agro-residues as a new source of proteins
  14. Algae grown on liquid agro-residues as a new source of proteins

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