The set up of National Task Forces (NTFs) is an important task to be delivered in Nutri2Cycle to ensure the promotion of the project actions and outcomes across different EU countries. Furthermore, by mutually exchanging knowledge and information and promoting joint action, cooperation on nutrient recycling between national/regional stakeholders will be boosted. The NTFs need to be set up in the participating countries (Denmark, Italy, Spain, Croatia, France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal) and some outreach countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, UK, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, UK), by developing a network of stakeholders at national/regional level interested in nutrient recovery and recycling and operating in the target countries.

By now, most of the NTFs have already been set up and several meetings took already place in order to promote the project and discuss nutrient recovery technologies. During most of the first meetings, the goal was to introduce the project and to have some interesting interactive discussions among different stakeholders (relevant operational groups, farmers, farmer organisations, SMEs, representatives of the biobased sector, technology suppliers, involved authorities, …). During most meetings, the short list solutions were discussed in order to have an idea of how different stakeholders approach the selected technologies in terms of knowledge, innovation, environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, the effect on C, N, and P cycles, the degree of acceptance, …

Some NTFs are linked to other initiatives, e.g. in Belgium the NTF is established by the recently set-up nutrient platform NUTRICYCLE VLAANDEREN, in which all stakeholders related to nutrient recovery are gathered in order to have an overview of all the initiatives. Therefore, this platform will be able to spread knowledge in an easy and comprehensive way and to facilitate the initiation of new projects.

Some non-limitative pictures about different events can be found hereafter:

Any upcoming NTFs will be announced via this website. If you would be interested to join events in your country related to the NTF, please contact or  

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