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CARTIF latest achievements within Nutri2Cycle


In the last few months Cartif has been working on the development of the two demos:

  • Use of an inoculate of microbiota and enzymatic pre-cursors to reduce ammonia emissions and optimize nutrient use efficiency in poultry manure: In the demonstration the different types of manure are further biostabilised by the inoculation of effective micro-organisms. Once the effective micro-organisms have stabilised the nutrients present in the manure, dosing of the manure to fertilise the crops on the farm begins.
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus recovery from pig manure via struvite crystallization and design of struvite based tailor-made fertilizers: In this demo, the pilot plant ended with the production of struvite for subsequent use in agronomic trials. To this end, one of the project partners (Teagasc) will carry out (within the framework of another demo) a series of field tests to determine the agronomic potential of the struvite produced by Cartif and other biofertilisers obtained previously in the project.

On March, Dolores Hidalgo, as CARTIF representative of the NUTRI2CYCLE project, participated in the International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering (Chisa 2021), which is usually held in Prague (Czech Republic) and that this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, has been held on-line. During the event, Dolores Hidalgo presented a poster entitled “Effect of effective microorganisms (EM) on poultry, cattle and pig manure” which explains one of the demos developed by Cartif in the framework of the NUTRI2CYCLE project. 

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