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Cost-Benefit analysis tool for bio-based fertilisers


Within the framework of the Nutri2Cycle project, United Experts (BE) and IPS Konzalting (HR) developed a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) webtool to support stakeholders in the economic evaluation when using bio-based fertilizers.

The tool is based on the same methodology that was applied when performing the CBA-study in Nutri2Cycle: the amount of nutrients applied on land remains unchanged, but intends to substitute mineral fertilizers with bio-based fertilizers.

Although the tool suggests the composition of the bio-based fertilizers that were analyzed in the Nutri2Cycle project, the end user can adjust the concentrations when relevant. The end-user, i.e. the farmer, knows best what amount of fertilizers can and should be applied on the arable land, taking into account the type of crops, the soil-capacity, the location of the parcel and the applicable regulations. This reference situation is the starting point in the assessment tool.

This tool allows the end users of the bio-based fertilizers to deduct the maximum price they have to pay, avoiding financial losses on the fertilization of their arable land.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis tool is for free. You simply need to register.

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