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Effects of current techniques and management systems on CNP flows in Europe


With the SAFEMANURE Stakeholder Workshop in Seville (28-30 January 2020) now in the rear-view mirror, all eyes are on the next discussions about the RENURE (Recovered Nitrogen from Manure) criteria. If you wish to read more on the topic, Nutri2Cycle has produced a very timely report on how the European and national legal frameworks affect nutrient loops in crop production and animal husbandry, and how agro-processing – such as anaerobic digestion and digestate products – is concerned.

In this Report it is argued that the revised Landfill Directive, the revised Waste Framework Directive and the new Fertiliser Product Regulation are susceptible to create a positive shift in CNP flows. With part of the by-products of composting and anaerobic digestion processes still containing high levels of organic carbon (e.g. compost and digestate), this shift towards greater biowaste-sourced fertilisers is expected to also increase the flux of carbon towards European agricultural soils. It is also concluded that national legal framework plays a crucial role in the advancement or stasis of CNP technologies and, as a consequence, is also an important driver for the betterment of CNP cycles in Europe. Nutrient Recovery from organic feedstocks plays an important role in this context and, as such, the ongoing European proceedings will have a major impact on the development of the biogas sector.

As a partner in the Nutri2Cycle project, the European Biogas Association (EBA), through its Scientific Advisory Council (SAC), has established a dedicated research network that brings together under the same roof independent researchers, universities and research institutes that share a common interest in anaerobic digestion. While the SAC is strongly anchored in the scientific field, it relies on a cross-sectional and interdisciplinary approach which aims to interconnect as much as possible science, industry and policy. In this light, findings from the Nutri2Cycle project could be shared with more stakeholders through specialised channels such as the SAC and possibly benefit from the additional scientific scrutiny.

For more information: https://www.europeanbiogas.eu/members/scientific-advisory-council/

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