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5th Biogas Congress – the most important in biogas industry in Poland

For the 5th time, the Polish biogas industry will meet during the Biogas Congress – an annual conference addressed to the representatives of the biogas professionals from Poland and foreign countries. This year, Congress will take place on December 7th, 2020 but will be online due to the prevailing COVID19 situation.

The 5th Biogas Congress organized by the Biomass Media Group company, the publisher of many specialized journals, such as “Magazyn Biomasa” (“Biomass Magazine”) or “Rynek Biogazu” (“Biogas Market”). The Biomass Media Group is an associated partner to the Nutri2Cycle project in Poland and is a member of the Polish National Task Force.

The Congress is a unique opportunity for the investors to learn about the investment process, legal regulations, support system, the best technologies and current market trends and for the companies offering the construction of biogas installations or technological solutions, consulting and maintenance services. This event creates opportunities to establish business contacts and reach directly potential customers in biogas industry.

The 5th Biogas Congress will be record-breaking in terms of attendance. This is due to biogas-friendly legislation and the announcement by the Energy Regulatory Office (in Polish URE) of the auction date for new installations producing agricultural biogas, landfill and treatment.

This year we will address the most relevant topics discussed during previous editions of the Congress and new issues related to the industry, such as:

  • the support system for biogas producers,
  • new development opportunities created by the production of biomethane, cogeneration,
  • the prospects for growth and competitiveness of domestic investment solutions, and
  • the role of biogas plants in environmental and climate policy in the national and local perspective.

The main theme this year will be the use of organic waste (bio-waste, municipal waste, sewage sludge) for the production of biogas, also in the context of legal requirements related to separate waste collection and disposal.

The Biogas Congress will be held in Polish and English. If you are interested in participating and /or becoming a substantive sponsorship/partnership cooperation, please contact us via:

phone:  + 48 792 122 038, + 48 790 439 216

e-mail: biogaz@biomassmediagroup.pl  , redakcja@magazynbiomasa.pl


07 December 2020


Online event

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