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FertiCycle and Nutri2Cycle Winter School


The FertiCycle and Nutri2Cycle joint 1st virtual winter school “waste processing and up-cycling concepts” was held virtually from 17 february to 30 March 2021. Thanks to lecturers who are world-renowned leaders in the field of biobased resource recovery as well as fantastic organization team, this has been yet another hugely successful training.

The training program covered 9 sessions as follow:

  • Global Nutrient Flows and Cycling in Food Systems
  • The Role of EU Policy Frameworks in the Transition Toward Nutrient Recycling
  • Technologies in Nutrient Recovery from Organic Residues – Main focus on processing technologies
  • Effect of Bio-based Fertilizers Produced from Organic Waste on Soil Fertility and Quality – Main focus on resulting products and their quality
  • Agricultural and Environmental Performance of Bio-based Fertilizers – Main focus on resulting products fertilizing value
  • Modeling and Optimization of Nutrient Recovery and Soil Dynamics: Predicting the Behavior of Bio-based Fertilizers
  • Environmental Impact Assessment on the Production and Use of Biobased Fertilizers – Life Cycle Assessment
  • Summary brainstorm on key outcomes / main learnings / conclusions for each session 1-8 and putting the course in the context of the BiorefineCluster Europe with a course evaluation

The participants increased their knowledge and important insights in the R&D needed in the bio-based fertilizer technology industry, farming sector implementation barriers and public administration and international organizations challenges.

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