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How to use ammonium sulphate as a fertilizer?


Recently, Nutricycle Vlaanderen (the Flemish NTF of Nutri2Cycle) published a brochure, on how to use ammonium sulphate as a fertilizer. This practical guide will help farmers to get familiar with the properties and advantages of this product. Due to the increasingly stringent air emission standards, many companies in the agricultural sector have a chemical air scrubber. The ammonia released in stables or composting sites or when drying manure is washed out of the air with sulphuric acid. The resulting ammonia sulphate is a valuable nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer that is also approved as a mineral fertilizer in Flanders.

However, up to date we found that ammonia sulphate from chemical air scrubbers does not find its way sufficiently into the mineral fertilizer market, although it is a good example of circular economy. With this brochure we want to bundle all information on the use of ammonium sulphate. You will find information about the conditions and points of attention when using it, the legislation and the costs of use. Next to this, you can find some testimonials from producers and end users to illustrate how this all works in practice. The brochure also guides you to two handy tools developed by the Flemish Coordination Centre for Manure Processing (VCM), namely a calculation tool and an interactive map with suppliers of ammonium sulphate.

Check out the brochure here (Dutch only).

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