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CARTIF organised a workshop on the ‘Use as fertilizer of the waste generated in the production of almonds’ 


On October 7, 2019, Cartif participated in a workshop entitled “Use as fertilizer of the waste generated in the production of almonds” in the town of Saucelle, Salamanca (Spain). Technical conference in which the subject of the cultivation and fertilization of the almond trees was dealt with. Both current and new trends were discussed. The conference was aimed at a specialized audience (mainly farmers).

On February 20, 2020, an event was held as part of the Organic Farming Operational Group (GOAE) in Zamora (Spain). The event dealt with solutions, barriers, strengths and problems encountered in the development and implementation of organic farming in the region of Castilla y León and Spain in general. The event was attended by about 20 people, most of them farmers and representatives of the scientific community.

Research topic : P recovery from organic waste(water) streams via struvite crystallization

Links to research Line : no 6

The fertilization of different crops has been carried out with the struvite obtained as a product in solution 6, in order to study its agronomic potential. Struvite is being tested on grass, peas and almonds.

Struvite test on grass
Struvite test on almond

Research topic : Use of an inoculate of microbiota and enzymatic precursors to reduce ammonia emissions and optimize nutrient use efficiency in manure

Links to research Line : no 16

The visit to the different farms has been carried out to start dosing the product with microbiological content in the different types of manure.

Manure from Waguy Farm
Hen farm
Soils where the manures previously treated with the microbiological product will be tested.

CARTIF published a press release in a regional journal (12th November 2019)


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