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Gruppo Ricicla – UniMi in collaboration with OB Impianti (Italy) (http://www.obimpianti.com/) opened a new full scale experimental trial about the treatment livestock effluents (swine).

The new plant (figure 1) (TRL 9) is situated in Lombardy, northern Italy, and exploits different solid/liquid separation steps to obtain a more efficient management of the effluent. The first stage is a screw press separation followed by vibrating screens. The liquid fraction will undergo the three stages of Reverse Osmosis, obtaining a concentrate (RENURE, see table 1), that is to be used as N fertilizer. The remaining volume is represented by “clean” water (ammonia concentration < 15 mg/L and absence of pathogens) and can be disposed in superficial water bodies.

Figure 1. Scheme of the solution adopted

Besides Laboratory analyses of different fractions (chemical analyses, mass balance and data acquisition), full field trial (corn) are currently running for testing fertilizers properties of mineral concentrate (RENURE).

Read more about this research here.

Table 1. Main chemical and physical characteristics of the concentrate (RENURE) fertiliser. – Data from OB Impianti, Italy

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