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Nutri2Cycle and FertiCycle Winter School


Following up the success of the I international summer school “Transition towards a more carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus efficient agriculture in Europe” the II international winter school “Waste processing and up-cycling concepts” will be organized online in the frame of the FERTICYCLE AND NUTRI2CYCLE projects.  The course will provide the participants with important insights in the R&D needed in the bio-based fertiliser technology industry, farming sector implementation barriers and public administration and international organizations challenges

Do not miss the opportunity to attend this event aimed at training interdisciplinary researchers, raise their awareness on this topic and create a deeper understanding of how to move towards more sustainable agriculture.

There is a limited number of 30 participants. Send a mail to Paul Ernst Petersen (pepe@plen.ku.dk, FertiCycle project manager) or Ana Robles (ana.roblesaguilar@Ugent.be, Nutri2Cycle training manager), stating your name, organization, project to which you are associated. Registration deadline: 25th Jan 2021.

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