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Nutri2Cycle co-chaired a policy roundtable at the ManuResource Conference 2022


Nutri2Cycle co-chaired a policy roundtable in collaboration with Nutrient Management Institute at the ManuREsource Conference which took place in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, on May 12th 2022.

The roundtables mainly focused on the missing links between RENURE (Recovered Nitrogen from Manure) and Fertilising Products Regulation in two parallel sessions. Interactive discussions between the participants from the European Commission, universities/research centers and various industries generated fruitful outcomes which ended up as a policy brief – a joint position of European Projects Nutri2Cycle, Renu2Farm, Circular Agronomics, Lex4Bio, FertiManure, FertiCycle, Systemic and Nitroman. The policy brief highlighted the need for an unambiguous definition by the European Commission regarding the waste/manure status of ammonium salts derived from off-gas cleaning associated to treatment of manure or manure-derived products.

Read the policy brief here

Nutri2Cycle policy roundtable at ManuResource 2022

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