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Nutri2Cycle Second Assembly


The 2nd assembly of the Nutri2Cycle project took place on 17-18/09/2019 in Ghent at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University. During the meeting all work packages were presented by their respective WP leader. The main outcome of the discussions following the presentations were structured per work package. Below is a brief explanation of the outcomes:

  • Work package 1 focusses on the mapping of current CNP flows in European farming systems. WP1 is aimed at comprehensively assessing CNP flows and losses, their stoichiometry and drivers in main European farming systems for baseline determination and to derive a set of indicators for enhancing the efficiency of CNP flows. WP1 is led by Wageningen Research.
  • Work package 2 entails the innovation funnel and is aimed at performing research activities on selected innovations. WP2 is led by UMIL.
  • Work package 3 is aimed at impact assessment, this is determining the environmental, economic and agronomic impact of innovative solutions for closing C, N, P loops and benchmarking these against the current baseline. WP3 is led by UCPH.
  • Work package 4 focusses on the macro economic impact of the project and wants to extrapolate the potential farm level impact (WP3) to regional and European impact in comparison to the baseline. Work package 4 is led by Thuenen.
  • Work package 5 is dedicated to the human factor: Understanding (and influencing) consumer behavior, perception and acceptance and is led by IRTA-CREDA.
  • Work package 6 is oriented towards putting the theory in practice by having lighthouse demo’s for the most promising solutions following the work in the previous work packages. WP6 is led by Teagasc.
  • Work package 7 focusses on communication and is led by UGhent.
  • Work package 8 is dedicated to management of the project lead by UGhent. The management structure as proposed in the application form was reassessed and agreed on.

The next partner meetings will take place in Ireland (Spring 2020, TEAGASC) and Portugal (Autumn 2020, ISA).

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