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Nutri2Cycle, second year of experimentation has started


An international consortium of companies and research institutes participate into European project (Transition towards a more carbon and nutrient efficient agriculture in Europe H2020 – SFS 2016 -2017 – Type of action: RIA Sustainable Food Security –Resilient and resource-efficient value chains Proposal ID 773682-2), with the aim of enhance efficiency in the use of nutrients in agriculture, in a view of circular economy.

In such context, Gruppo Ricicla – UniMi, cooperates with Acqua & Sole, a company at the forefront in the production and use of digestate, in carrying on field scale experimentation on the agronomic use of digestate in substitution of chemical fertilization on rice.

At the moment, research activity in field continues for the second year, with the evaluation of agronomic and environmental performances: nitrate leaching in soil profile (Fig. 1), emissions of NH3 (Fig. 2), N2O, CO2, CH4, and odor emissions (Fig. 3). These results will be added to those already obtained during first year of experimentation, and will contribute to the description of impacts related to the use of digestate in a real and application context.

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