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Research article within Nutri2Cycle


A new research article entitile “Differing Phosphorus Crop Availability of Aluminium and Calcium Precipitated Dairy Processing Sludge Potential Recycled Alternatives to Mineral Phosphorus Fertiliser” from Nutri2Cycle Teagasc agronomic field investigations has been published in Agronomy journal to be included in the Special Issue Integrated Nutrient Recovery from Organic Waste and Bio-Based Fertilizers. This article outlined phosphorus bioavailability of two different dairy processing sludge – potential alternative to mined and synthetic P-fertilisers. The results in this paper will aid the dairy industry and related stakeholders (farmers, nutrient advisors) to utilise dairy processing sludge as biobased recycled P alternative to mineral P fertiliser. This new information on P availability will aid the appropriate incorporation of dairy sludge into the nutrient management programmes supporting growth of the bioeconomy and aiding reduced reliance on imported mineral P fertilizer. This is an open accees article and freely available to download and read: https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4395/11/3/427

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