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Anna Jasińska

Ms. Anna Jasińska, is a Ph.D. candidate in the joint Ph.D. program with Częstochowa University of Technology (Poland) and Gent University (Belgium) within the Nutri2Cycle project. 

During the special session on Environmental safety of bio-waste in the circular economy – potential for energy and matter recovery via online platform Ms. Jasińska presented her work on anaerobic co-digestion of animal manure, in particular poultry manure, pig manure, cattle and horse manure. She addressed possibilities and limitations of this process in view to the properties of selected waste.

Ms. Anna Jasińska will continue her work both in Polish and Belgium laboratories. Her interest in this topic results from the fact that there is a huge interest in biological methods for converting waste into energy such as anaerobic digestion but still the converting e.g. poultry manure into biogas through anaerobic digestion is a major challenge.

Ms. Anna Jasińska is supervised by Prof. Erik Meers and Dr. Anna Grosser and will continue her work for the next two years.


PhD candidate

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