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Joana Prado

Joana Prado, PhD student from ISA

Joana Prado is a PhD student at Institute Superior de Agronomia in Portugal. She started her academic studies in 2012 with graduation in Zootechnical Engineering. Her interests in animal feed production encouraged her to enrol in master thesis program agriculture engineering. She defended in 2017 her master thesis entitled “The effect of manure acidification on the fraction of phosphorus available to plants after application to the soil”. Since then, she joined the research group dealing with manure management and the crop’s fertilization. From 2018 to 2019 she worked on the effect of manure bio-acidification on the emission of ammonia and greenhouse gases, which I just publish the results. This allowed her to gain knowledge on the use of manure as fertilizer and the benefits associated with their use, as well as the methods that can be used to reduce their negative impacts on the environment.  She got acquainted to the Nutri2Cycle project and to the field thanks to her supervisor David Fangueiro. She was very interested about the subject of reusing manure as a fertilizer, which contributes to a more sustainable agriculture and circular economy.

Joana is now in her second year of PhD and her work aims to turn manure more appealing to farmers by altering the NPK ratios to a more known ratio, that farmers usually buy in the form of mineral fertilizers.


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