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Updates from the two demos at CARTIF


1. Use of an inoculate of microbiota and enzymatic pre-cursors to reduce ammonia emissions and optimize nutrient use efficiency in poultry manure

Three farms and different types of manure (cattle, poultry and pig) will be used in the demo. The inoculation of the effective microorganisms in the different types of manures has been carried out and now we are in the stage of biostabilisation of the products. In the following months, once the effective microorganisms have stabilised the nutrients present in the manure, the dosing of the manures to fertilise the farm crops will begin.

2. Nitrogen and phosphorus recovery from pig manure via struvite crystallization and design of struvite based tailor-made fertilizers

In this demo, once the operating conditions of the pilot plant have been optimised to recover the N and P in the form of struvite (slow-release gertiliser). Operations began with the pilot plant to produce sufficient quantities of this biofertiliser to be used later in field trials to determine its agronomic potential. Digestate from the anaerobic digestion of pig manure is being used as raw material.

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